E A G L E S   N E S T   R E G E N E R A T I O N

O U R   H E A R T   A N D   M I S S I O N   I S                   T O   P R O V I D E   A   S A F E  E N V I R O M E N T     T O  B R I N G   A B O U T   A   L I F E S T Y L E   O F       R E G E N E R A T I O N .

If you have come to this page, there is a good chance you are either in addiction or close to someone who is. If you're the addict you've made the promise, over and over, you are done. "I'll never do it again... I'm through!" Only to find yourself right back in the same situation over and over. Or maybe you're close to someone who is addicted and you have loved that person and tried everything you know to help, to no avail. Now, empty and hopeless, somehow you ended up on this page.

My name is robbie maddox,

and I know that feeling. I was addicted to drugs and alcohol for several years of my life, and I know all too well that sense of hopelessness and despair. However, I've been clean for almost twenty-five years, and if you don't hear anything else while reading this, THERE IS HOPE. The hope I speak is none other than the Lord Jesus Christ. If you are ready to open your heart and allow Him to change you, He will. We don't believe programs change people. We believe God does. We're very simply an organized opportunity for you to allow God to do so. That's the reason for the name Eagles Nest. An eagle's nest is the place of safety, learning, and instruction, with the eventual goal for the eagle to fly and become all that it was intended to be. That is our heart for the men we work with here at Eagles Nest. We are a faith based drug and alcohol recovery ministry located in Floyd, Virginia. Eagles Nest ministers healing and restoration to men in addictions. 

We accomplish this through:

  • Biblical  instruction and counseling
  • Small groups
  • Therapeutic work programs

We truly believe that the only way to break the cycle of addiction in a life, family and a community is through a redemptive relationship with Jesus Christ and the power and presence of His Holy Spirit.

Family Recovery is another vital part of our ministry. This class is for the wives and family members who love and are the closest to the addict. Typically these are the ones who have been hurt the most by this destructive lifestyle.

It includes relational teaching with discussion groups and biblical counseling sessions that are focused on the restoration of marriage and family life.